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Red Flags

Throughout our history, we have heard hundreds of horror stories from individuals and families who were manipulated by listing companies and fraudulent scam companies. We likely could have helped these people avoid these scams and successfully transfer their timeshares if they had contacted us before signing these agreements. We would hate to see the same thing happen to you, so even if you choose to work with another company, here are some of the major red flags that you need to pay attention to.

When deciding on a timeshare exit solution, transparency is everything. A general rule of thumb is that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. You should only work with companies that are in good standing in their state, possess an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have been operating under the same name for at least three years. Furthermore, you should ensure that the company is not posing as a law firm and that they have a physical address.

Because our name has become synonymous with excellence and integrity in the industry, many other companies are now falsely claiming to be affiliated with us. The bottom line is that we have no affiliates, and that anyone contacting you and claiming otherwise is attempting to capitalize on our success. If and when you book an appointment with us, you might receive a phone call from an unidentified source. We are proud of our name and would never reach out to anyone without clearly stating who we are. If you receive one of these calls, make sure to get their name and a call back number to verify whether or not they are legitimate.

Other companies attempt to align themselves with Newton Group Transfers through misleading marketing tactics. If you receive postcards, emails, or phone calls from companies that do not readily identify themselves, contact us immediately. Many of these companies are merely fronts for scam companies that will gladly sell your personal information to the highest bidder. Rest assured, when we contact you, we do not hide in anonymity. Instead, we proudly introduce ourselves from the outset.

Wiring money, especially to international companies, should be avoided at all costs. More often than not, companies requesting an upfront money wire are scam companies that rely on their distance to preserve their fraud. If you are scammed by an international company, you may not have legal standing to reconcile any damages.

Lastly, never work with a company that does not provide you with guaranteed results in writing prior to any money changing hands. Many of these companies will claim that they already have a buyer waiting in the wings, but given the state of the secondary market, this is highly unlikely. By paying a listing company upfront, you are investing in the exceptionally slim hope that they will be able to find a buyer on the secondary market. Newton Group Transfers does not deal in hope; we deal in results that are guaranteed in writing.

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