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 KTAR NEWS - September 19th, 2016
  4 important things to know about timeshare maintenance fees
A recent timeshare industry study showed that 66% of owners who are looking to eliminate their timeshare ownership are doing so due to the cost of their maintenance fees, which have been increasing at a rate that exceeds inflation with no signs of slowing down. In 2005, the average maintenance fee was $471 per year. Ten years later, in 2015, the average maintenance fee had nearly doubled to $920 per year. That’s a shocking 95 percent increase in a single decade.
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 KTAR NEWS - June 10th, 2016
  Three elements of a strong timeshare exit guarantee
In this day and age, it seems like every timeshare exit company with a website is offering some sort of guarantee of their services, but not all of these guarantees are foolproof. Many unscrupulous companies have guarantees that are full of loopholes allowing them to back pedal on their promises when the going gets rough. For this reason, families looking to terminate their ownership should thoroughly research any company they are considering to work with, paying close attention to the wording of the guarantees in the process.
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 Click - June 8th, 2016
  Time share promises not always vacation perfection
The couple agreed and discovered the tour was well beyond an hour and they just wanted it to end.rn"We were getting tired, we were bored and we were ready to go," she said,"so we bought it."rnThey signed a 10-year contract for just over $16,000 and then reality hit. Instead of available rooms in five-star hotels, they were given a list of blackout dates.
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 KTAR NEWS - April 22nd, 2016
  5 tips for choosing a company to end your timeshare
Not all exit/ transfer methods happen the same way and in the same amount of time. Therefore, it’s important that any agreement you sign have real protections for you, the timeshare owner. Start with a 100 percent money back guarantee. If for some reason they fail to end your timeshare ownership, you should get all of your money back. The company should also reinforce their 100 percent money back guarantee by becoming financially responsible for all fees related to your timeshare during the transfer process. This will serve as your protection in the event of an extended transfer, which could otherwise result in yet another year (or two, or three!) of maintenance fees. This is what I call having skin in the game.
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 KTAR NEWS - March 24th, 2016
  5 signs it’s time to end your timeshare ownership
However, while it’s great that so many people are getting quality use out of their timeshares, that still leaves 20 percent of owners who are dissatisfied with their properties and are seeking a viable exit solution. If you can relate to any of the bullets listed below, you might want to consider timeshare exit.
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 KTAR NEWS - February 26th, 2016
  4 traits of an ethical and effective timeshare exit company
There are ethical, effective timeshare exit options out there, but finding the right company for your unique set of circumstances requires extensive research and a great deal of patience. For the best possible outcome, use the guidelines below to help you end your timeshare.
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 KTAR NEWS - January 27th, 2016
  4 pillars of ending your timeshare
When it comes time to say goodbye to your timeshare, you don’t have to navigate tricky real estate waters on your own. If you adhere to the four pillars of the timeshare exit outlined below, you can end your timeshare with confidence and rid yourself of maintenance fees for good.
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 KTAR NEWS - December 3rd, 2015
  4 key elements of selling your timeshare
“Because so many timeshares and vacation interval plans are available, the resale value of yours is likely to be a good deal lower than what you paid,” explains the Federal Trade Commission.
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 The Washington Times - November 25th, 2015
  Feds seek to shut down Montana-based timeshare tax scheme
BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) - The U.S. Justice Department is seeking an injunction to stop a Montana attorney and others from operating or promoting a program that appears to facilitate the donation of timeshares to charities, but actually led its customers to commit tax fraud and donated very little to charity.
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 Las Vegas Review-Journal - November 11th, 2015
  Research on Social Media Leads to Timeshare Freedom for Newton Group Transfers Customer
Michael S. and his wife purchased their timeshare in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. At the time of their purchase, it seemed like the ideal vacation option. They got great annual usage out of the property and enjoyed the rustic beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. Over time, they began to long for more flexibility in their annual vacation destinations, and they also made a conscious decision to cut their spending, limit their budget, and do their best to pay off their debt. As such, they resolved to end their timeshare ownership. Unfortunately, doing so was much more difficult than they anticipated.
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 Nation News - October 12th, 2015
  Timeshare value
Typically, when timeshare property ownership is offered to prospective purchasers, they are wowed by an initial free stay at the timeshare resort or hotel during which they are invited to attend an intense sales pitch emphasising wonderful annual vacations at an “attractive” cost.
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 WI News3 at 6 - September 3rd, 2013
  BBB warns about timeshare solicitation
The Better Business Bureau is encouraging Wisconsin residents who own timeshares to be careful about solicitations promising that they can help ease their financial burdens.
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 NGT WordPress - September 8th, 2015
  Former Timeshare Owner Enthusiastically Endorses Newton Group Transfers
Because they were unable to use their timeshare, Glen and his wife asked their children if they would want to take on the responsibility. Unfortunately, no one in their family was willing to do so, which led them to search for a practical way of exiting their timeshare and transitioning into a financially liberated lifestyle. It was at this point that Newton Group Transfers came into the fold.
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 NGT WordPress - August 25th, 2015
  Newton Group Transfers Assists Unsatisfied Timeshare Owners
Frank F. and his wife purchased their timeshare in Princeville, Hawaii ten years ago. They were overtaken by the beauty and splendor of the resort and were convinced that they would love making an annual trip to the jewel of the Pacific for the rest of their lives. Sadly, things did not turn out that way.
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 ConsumerReports - August 12th, 2015
  Timeshare Resale Scams
Look for these warning signs to detect fraud.
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 NGT Wordpress - August 10th, 2015
  Newton Group Transfers Helps Families Transition from Timeshare Contracts
Timeshare maintenance fees can be confounding. Owners pay good money to ensure the upkeep of their property, but many times the results are sorely lacking, leaving them scratching their heads wondering what it is that they are paying for. Tim H. is one such former timeshare owner who saw his resort fade into neglect as his maintenance fees and special assessments continued to rise.
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 NGT Wordpress - August 3rd, 2015
  Newton Group Transfers Alleviates Timeshare Owner's Apprehension
Terry E. and her family owned a few separate points-based timeshares that allowed them a degree of flexibility in exploring their vacation options, and they really enjoyed timeshare ownership for more than a decade. But eventually, the maintenance fees became overwhelming, and they began to look for a way out.
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 Local News - July 31st, 2015
  Timeshare Scammers Get 37 Months In Prison
Don't be duped by groups insisting there are eager buyers for your timeshare!
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 NGT Wordpress - July 23rd, 2015
  A Few Too Many
This gentleman was a bit over-served in Las Vegas and nearly paid a colossal price. Read more here:
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 NGT Wordpress - June 19th, 2013
  Newton Group Transfers Applauds Florida Legislation Aimed at Ridding the Timeshare Industry of Viking Schip Schemes
The Florida Vacation Plan and Timesharing Act (HB 7025) has passed and will be going into effect on July 1st of this year, leaving less than a month between now and one of the most significant restructuring of the timeshare disposal landscape in years. Although this change does come with its benefits, the transfer process will likely become more expensive for timeshare owners.
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 NGT Wordpress - March 7th, 2013
  Timeshare Transfer 101: Do Your Homework
Most of us don't like doing homework. We didn't want to study our multiplication tables when we were in 3rd grade, and we don't want to agonize over every single aspect of our lives now. However, when you're looking for viable alternatives to removing your family from the burden of timeshare ownership, it's absolutely vital that you thoroughly research whichever company you plan on working with.
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 NGT Wordpress - January 16th, 2013
  ARDA and the Timeshare Transfer Industry: United at Opposite Ends of the Spectrum
Most people assume that there is some sort of spite between ARDA and the timeshare transfer industry (with ARDA taking the side of the resort developers and the transfer industry taking the side of angry consumers), but this just isn't the case. Like any competitive industry, there are always going to be multiple layers and multiple perspectives.
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 NGT Wordpress - December 12th, 2012
  Special Assessment Watch: The Truth in Real Time
A new website has been created to make current and potential timeshare owners fully aware of the fees associated with hundreds of different resorts around the country.
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 NGT Wordpress - November 18th, 2012
  What Is a Perpetuity Clause?
There are a lot of things that we wish would last forever, but not everyone wants to own their timeshare for eternity.
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 NGT Wordpress - November 14th, 2012
  The Truth About Timeshare Donations
Donating your timeshare to charity might seem like a convenient way to rid yourself of a financial burden, but the only thing you'll receive in return is a massive headache!
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 NGT Wordpress - August 7th, 2012
  What Constitutes an Investment?
Throughout our lives, we will invest in many things. We will invest in our family. We will invest in our friends and neighbors. We will invest in a set of values, in political candidates, and in our favorite baseball team. All of these investments serve to heighten the enjoyment of our lives, while keeping us grounded and focused on what is truly important, but there are other types of investments as well.
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 Newton Group Transfers Press Release - May 1st, 2012
  The Newton Group to Launch New Venture, Maintain Singleness of Purpose
Grand Rapids, Mich., May 1, 2012 -- Timeshare Transfer Guarantee, a brand of The Newton Group ESA LLC, has announced that they will be changing their title to Newton Group Transfers. Of the name change, President and co-founder, Gordon Newton stated, "We feel that the change in nomenclature from Timeshare Transfer Guarantee to Newton Group Transfers serves to reinforce the nature of the relationship between this new venture and the world class reputation of our parent company."
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 SmartMoney (Real-Time Advice) - April 12th, 2012
  Timeshare Prices Plummet to $1
Unable to sell his parents' ocean-front timeshare for the past year, David Suder became so fed up he offered to give it away. They paid $8,000 for the Orange County, Calif. unit a decade ago, but since there are no willing buyers, and his 81-year-old mother, now a widow, can no longer afford the monthly maintenance fees, Suder says he doesn't have a choice.
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 Cape Cod Times - February 14th, 2010
  Budget Travel: Worldwide timeshare crisis under way during recession
In an important recent article, a reporter for USA Today, Roger Yu, has described what he claims is a near-panic by the owners of timeshares at resorts all over the world. I later arranged for Yu to be interviewed on my own weekly radio program, The Travel Show.rnrnIn both that article and interview, Yu points out that the current economic slowdown has caused so many owners to default on their maintenance payments ...
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 USA Today - January 19th, 2010
  Many fed-up time share owners are stuck trying to sell
For Stacey Udell, a Craigslist ad enticing her to own a piece of property in the Bahamas for $3,000 was too good to pass up. The accountant from Cherry Hill, N.J., jumped on it, and became one of 6 million Americans who own a time share, shared vacation property that owners get to stay in for a week or so each year for life.
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 ABC News Piece - Timeshare Struggles (VIDEO)

 ABC News Piece - The Truth About Timeshares (VIDEO)

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